Dog Behaviourist, Dog Trainer and Dog Walking in Bicester.

Welcome to 4paws psychology

with Luke Wadeson Dog Behaviourist


4paws psychology is a Dog Behaviour service 

dedicated to helping you with your dog and dog 

problems at home.

supported by 7 diplomas in Dog Psychology, Dog

Behaviour, Dog Training, Dog Handling and Dog 


with advanced training and advanced Behaviour.

From training to behaviour issues using positive

methods and clear communication,

we've been helping dogs all over Oxfordshire for

over 10 years and no matter how big or small your

problems are we are here to help.

We operate a little differently from other trainers and

behaviourists, we rarely need a second session so 

instead of having 8,9 or 10 sessions with someone 

before seeing an improvement, not to mention cost,

we guarantee just 1 session will have you the results 

you want, plus we teach you, the owner, what we 

did and how, so you can keep our results from then 

on and have a happy dog in your happy household.

We also offer Dog Training Classes and have been

told,one of the best around, our classes are for an all 

round improvement in and out of the home.

We don't just work on Obedience, we also work on

Recall, Onlead training and Socialising, no other

trainer can say that with their classes.

We also run a Dog walking service in Bicester 

with any outside training included at no extra


NEW For 2019. Clip and Walk Service in Bicester

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Home visited training sessions.

Training classes based in Bicester.

Dog walking based in Bicester.

Clip and Walk based in Bicester

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